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Brilliant product, backed by brilliant service.


I purchased the white flosser recently and I love it. The water pressure is great, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean (which is different to other water flossers I’ve had). Highly recommend!

Pomabrush - Sonic Toothbrush Set - Carbon
Kerstin & Jutta, Berlin, Germany
Pomabrush - a whole new experience for dental care

A whole new experience for dental care. Advantages are: minimal consumption of toothpaste, gentle polishing of the teeth, very quiet and ultra-light. The intervals when cleaning are extremely pleasant. Very practical when traveling due to the ultra-long battery life. We got used to the new format very quickly. Highly recommended!!! Never ever without pomabrush!


Love the Pomabrush.


Really enjoying using the pomabrush teeth feel super clean and of course I’m loving the no charging every week 👍🏼

Classy & Clean

After the first brush I felt a remarkable difference on my teeth. The 30 second intervals helps navigate the brushing time and my teeth feel clean and fresh. The casing is also very sleek, and helps keep the brush and the container clean and muck-free.

Very classy.

A Traveling MUST!

My Pomabrush exceded all my expectations! Brushing teeth has never been so much fun and classy at the same time!

The charging traveling case allows me to travel without any extra cables for Pomabrush. Extremely convenient!

Perfect toothbrush for my busy lifestyle

I've been using this toothbrush for 2 years now and it couldn't be any better. I'm a frequent traveler, it's charging case is a game changer for me – I don't need to think when I need to charge my toothbrush and I know the brush is always protected when I'm traveling.

A better way of brushing

Spectacular toothbrush! My teeth felt like they've been to the spa. The silicone brush head even made my teeth feel polished. The built-in timer has made me more aware of how long to brush my teeth, and the overall weight of the brush has made me aware of the pressure I use (which obviously was too much before). Brushing my teeth is now a more meditative act of self care, where in the past it was a chore to get done. Thank you PomaDent!

Takes some getting used to - but worth the wait!

I received the PomaBrush as a birthday gift. I get really excited about tech, so this was a super cool present to receive.
As somebody who doesn't brush for the recommended 2 minutes, the timer took some getting used to, as did the sensation. I've been using the silicone brush head, and I'll admit that it does feel strange, but the clean is pretty good. I'd recommend the brush for anybody looking to really invest in their dental and oral hygiene. :)

In love with the luxury

I love the minimalistic style, the clever timer built into the toothbrush and the effortless charging that the charging case offers. It’s the easiest that I’ve ever packed a toothbrush into my vanity case - nothing else gets wet and my toothbrush is safe and sound in it’s case. It feels like the “Apple product” of toothbrushes!

Great Product

Received one as a present. Great feel and light weight in hand.