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Pomabrush - Sonic Toothbrush Set - Carbon

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Say goodbye to lackluster oral hygiene routines and embrace a truly delightful brushing experience. With its exceptional features, the pomabrush will revolutionize your dental care regimen. Here's what sets it apart:

Experience the joy of brushing your teeth like never before with the pomabrush Carbon Set. With its long-lasting battery, premium silicone design, convenient charging travel case, and more, brushing becomes effortless and enjoyable. Plus, the pomabrush only requires three charges per year, eliminating the hassle of constant recharging.

āœ“ Unmatched cleaning power: The Carbon pomabrush cleans teeth up to 10 times better than manual toothbrushes, leaving you with a dazzling smile that never goes unnoticed.

āœ“ Gentle on gums: The silicone bristles protect your gums from unnecessary damage, ensuring a comfortable brushing experience without any bleeding or discomfort.

āœ“ Shower-ready convenience: Featuring an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Carbon pomabrush is fully waterproof, allowing you to brush your teeth anywhere you desire. Please note that the Charging Case is not waterproof.

āœ“ Award-winning design: The Carbon Pomabrush has been honored with the prestigious A'Design Award, showcasing its premium and stylish aesthetic.

What's in the pomabrush Carbon Set:

  • 1 x Carbon Black pomabrush
  • 1 x Black Pure Silicone Electric Brush Head
  • 1 x Black Nylon-Silicone Brush Head
  • 1 x Carbon Black Charging Case with Luxury Matte Finish
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Product Dimensions: 28x8.7x6.1cm

Care Instructions:

To ensure your pomabrush maintains its superior performance and longevity, simply rinse it with clean water after brushing, dry it off, and place it back in the charging case or on your pomaclip magnetic toothbrush holder.

The pomabrush experience:

Take your pomabrush with you wherever you go! The wireless charging case keeps your pomabrush fully charged and protected while not in use. Here's how to use it:

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of your favorite toothpaste on the brush head.
  2. Press the start button, and the built-in timer will ensure a thorough 2-minute clean.
  3. Every 30 seconds, a short pause will remind you to switch brushing sections for an evenly clean mouth.
  4. After each brushing session, rinse the brush under clean water, dry it off, and store it back in the wireless case or any easily accessible spot.
  5. Recharge the wireless charging case every 3 months using the included USB-C cable. Once all three LEDs are lit up, your case is fully charged!
  6. pomabrush heads have impressive longevity. After 3 months (nylon-silicone) or 6 months (silicone), easily pop off the head and insert a new one without any twisting or turning required.

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Pomabrush - Sonic Toothbrush Set - Carbon
Pomabrush - Sonic Toothbrush Set - Carbon Sale priceR 2,499.00